Privacy Policy

Last Revised: 2021-09-23

Our commitment at Driwwwle (“Driwwwle”, “us”, “we”) is to put users first and we respect the need for online privacy. This privacy policy explains what personal information we collect, use, store, disclose, and share when you use the Driwwwle Services (including sites, services, mobile applications, content, interaction with our social media pages, and communication with our teams).

Driwwwle can modify this privacy policy, and if there are any material changes, you would be notified either through our services or any other means so that you can review the modifications before they become effective. We would update the latest Privacy Policy with its effective date at the top of this policy. We encourage you to regularly visit and review the latest Privacy Policy from time to time to stay informed about our practices.

You acknowledge that your use of the Driwwwle Services after we update the Privacy Policy or send a notice about our changes to this Privacy Policy means that the collection, usage, storage, disclosure, and sharing of your personal data is subject to the updated Privacy Policy, as of its effective date.

Information we collect & how we use it

All the information which you choose to add to your profile (example: your name, photo, bio, and any other information) can be viewed by the users and the visitors of the Driwwwle. Once you create a profile, other users and visitors will be able to see in your profile certain information about your activity on the Driwwwle, such as your posts, who follows you, whom you follow, and how you interact with the other posts, for example, comments.

To give you the best possible experience while using Driwwwle, we collect information from your interactions with our network. Some of this information is explicitly provided by you, for example- your email address. Other information is collected by us based on actions you take while using Driwwwle, such as the pages you choose to view (including how much of a given page and for how long) and your use of product features (including the topics you follow and the posts you engage with). This information includes the records of all interactions a user has on the Driwwwle platform, a user’s IP (internet protocol) address, information about the user's device (which device you use or the type of browser), and referral information (how a user reached a particular page).

We also receive information when you view content on or otherwise interact with Driwwwle, even if you have not created an account. We collect browsing information – such as IP address and location, date and time stamp, user agent, Driwwwle cookie ID (if applicable), URL, unique advertising or content identifiers (if applicable) and time zone, and other information about user activities on Driwwwle, as well as on third party sites and services that have embedded our Driwwwle pixels (“Pixels”), widgets, plug-ins, buttons, or related services.

We use this information to:

  • Provide, test, improve, promote and personalize the Services
  • To gather metrics to better understand how users access and use Driwwwle
  • To carry out our business operations, to comply with the standard legal obligations, and for target-specific business administration purposes.
  • Prevent misuse
  • fight spam and other forms of abuse
  • Analyse how people use the Services and use it to improve the services we provide.

Information Disclosure

Driwwwle won’t sell your personal data (such as name and your contact information) to third parties for their own marketing purposes.

Driwwwle might choose to transfer your account information with third parties in some circumstances, including: (1) with your consent; (2) to a service provider or partner who meets our data protection standards; (3) with researchers who are doing it for academic or non-profit purposes, through aggregation, anonymization, or pseudonymization; (4) when we believe it’s required and necessary for legal process; (5) when we believe that doing it might save someone from being harmed.

If we are going to share your information in response to legal process, we’ll give you notice so you can challenge it (for example by seeking court intervention), unless the law prohibits us from doing so or we believe that giving you a prior notice might endanger someone else or would cause illegal conduct. We will ensure and object to legal requests for information that the Driwwwle Team believes are improper.

User Consent

By using the website & services of Driwwwle, you authorize Driwwwle to transfer, store, and use your information in India and any other country where we operate.

We will take the necessary steps to ensure that your personal information receives an adequate level of protection in the jurisdictions in which we process it.

Children's Personal Information

Driwwwle intentionally doesn’t collect any personal information from children under the age of 13. Please do not submit any personal information through our Website or Service if you are under the permissible age of 13. Please contact us if you believe that any child under the age of 13 has submitted any personal details to us.

Public Data

Your Driwwwle’s user profile page, post pages, and interactions might be indexed by search engines such that they might appear against your name on the Internet. Users may also share links to your content on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

Even after you delete your account from Driwwwle, it might take some time for your profile and content to get de-indexed from search engines.

Modifying or Deleting Your Personal Information

If you have a Driwwwle account, you can access, modify or export your personal information, or delete your account. To delete your account, mail us at [email protected] from your registered email address.

We might choose to maintain residual copies (at our discretion) for a brief time period (maximum 6 months) in order to protect information from accidental or malicious destruction. However, if you choose to delete your account, your information and content can’t be recovered after that time. Driwwwle may preserve and maintain copies of your information beyond this time period when required to do so by law.

Data Security

To protect data transmitted to and from our website/services, we use encryption (HTTPS/TLS). However, the Driwwwle team believes that our users understand that no data transmission is 100% secure over the Internet and a user is using Driwwwle’s website/services solely at his/her own risk/discretion. We recommend all the users on Driwwwle to take reasonable measures to secure their account.

Transfer of Business

If Driwwwle is going to be involved in a merger, bankruptcy, acquisition,, reorganization or sale of assets and in doing us, Driwwwle is required to transfer its user information or it becomes subject to a different privacy policy, Driwwwle would notify all its users well in advance. This would give our users ample time to opt-out of any such new policy if they don’t agree with it and the users can choose to delete their account before transfer.

Potential Consequences of Processing

By creating and using an account on Driwwwle, users may make certain personal data about themselves public and accessible to others on their profile and through network interactions. Since all the users can have access to the profiles & the content posted by all other users, it may be possible for individuals/third parties to derive identifying personal data from posts, whether by reading, inference, research, and analysis

If any user does not agree with and accept the risks that arise from the usage of Driwwwle’s platform/services, the user should choose to not use the Services.

Cross-border Transfers

Driwwwle is hosted in India. By using the website & services of Driwwwle, you authorize Driwwwle to transfer, store, and use your information in India and any other country where we operate. If any of our processors are getting access to these data, they would be having at least the same level of data protection as that set out in this statement.


Driwwwle retains personal data associated with your account as long as your account exists on our platform. If a user wants to, he/she can delete all the personal information by deleting his/her account at any time. To delete your account, mail us at [email protected] from your registered email address.

As soon as the deletion process is initiated, the profile page of that particular user will yield an error 404 “file not found” page and will become unrecoverable in our system.

De-indexing your personal data from search engines might take some additional weeks, depending on those search engines’ practices, over which Driwwwle may have limited or no control.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or grievances about our practices or this Privacy Policy, please contact us at [email protected]